Saturday, September 10, 2011

EVCCON 2011 - September 21-25, Cape Girardeau Missouri

A little update on the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention. I got the program guide done and off to the printer. Hopefully it will be printed and back in time for the convention. But I thought some not coming might want to take a look and see what they'll be missing.




  1. Jack,

    Nice program guide. I'll bring it along on my iPhone. No need for a bulky print but it will be nice to have a print copy for safe keeping. To remember the very first EVCCON.

    Pete :)

  2. Displays perfectly as twin pages on 1080p screen. If I come some time it will *have* to be overland via electric. Maybe with a little modification to ensure I can do the distance like below:

  3. Very good guide, can't wait to be at the first EVCCON

  4. Very nice guide, Can wait to be one who was not at the fist....Have FUN!!!

  5. Is Charle still bringing his Opel GT?

  6. Jack,
    I hope you will make a "72 hour" video about everything which will be said and shown on your EVCCON !?!

  7. Ohne:

    I'm sure we'll have some select coverage from the convention. But no, we do not intend to publish video for the entire event. It would be entirely too long and the amount of editing required would be staggering. If you want to see EVCCON I'm afraid you'll have to come to EVCCON.

    We won't have a show this week and next while WE go to EVCCON.

    Jack Rickard

  8. Already at EVCCON!
    Ready for racing.

    Ron Adamowicz
    International Electric Drag Racing Corp.